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Jade & Pesimo in Miami

Jade and Pesimo made a swift return to the U.S. after only a few months back in their hometown of Lima, Peru. They left the summertime warmth of South America to come to a surprisingly and unseasonably cold Miami winter.
The reason for their trip? The most important art show in the United States: Art Basel Miami. During the 4 day show, Miami’s Art Deco District explodes with artists, gallery openings, viewings, and events. Most importantly for Jade and Pesimo was the influx of graffiti artists from all around the world descending upon Miami to literally “paint the town”

The exterior building walls of a huge section (about 15 square blocks) of Midtown Miami was the canvas for these masters of spraypaint. Live painting could be viewed on almost every block during the 4 days of the show.

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