About Dunkelvolk

We are Dunkelvolk!
Dunkelvolkļæ½s roots are in the land and sea. Our culture, our origins and legends are reflected in the unique creations of our artists. Our history has been forged with the exploits of our athletes who thrive on varied and impressive planet geography. This inspires us and forms the core of our strength.
Dunkelvolk - Made of Peru

Want to know where Dunkelvolk T-shirts come from? This awesome new video takes you behind the scenes at the Dunkelvolk factory, following the cotton from the Peruvian hillside to the T-shirts and hoodies you see in shops!

Dunkelvolk is a word of German origin that translated into English means "hidden side". The central concept of Dunkelvolk is that there is a hidden potential in all of us that never came to the surface. You can be a great artist or an amazing athlete and it's time to show it!
Being different is an art.

Dunkelvolk - Surf t-shirts

Quality is priority
Dunkelvolk products are made with high-quality materials that ensure resistance and durability. This difference is easily noticed when you touch our clothes, the softness, the quality of pattern, sewing, collars, tags. This attention to detail gives a premuim feel to all our clothing.

Dunkelvolk magazine - Peru surfing
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